I went in to see Dr. Taylor in March at the recommendation of a friend for a simple problem with my foot.

Worst experience of my life! I never dreamed that a little foot pain would become such a giant pain in the ***! Kennth Taylor and his staff are ruthless! I have insurance.

He is on my plan. My insurance company paid him. That does not stop him from sending me bill after bill for exactly the same services that my insurance co. already paid him for!

I have been trying for months to resolve the issue of double billing but his office is impossible to deal with. I'm in more pain now from this whole experience than I ever felt with my foot!

This is robbery! Avoid this practice at all costs or trust me when I say "You will pay dearly for it!"

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This posting is the subject of a defamation lawsuit filed in Broward County, Florida by Kenneth Taylor.

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